On the Hype Machine Blog I saw that they had done a 2009 survey, finding out all information of what people think of the site and how and why the use The Hype Machine.
This is the information I found.
Our annual user survey went over really well this year. Over 2600 of you responded and we gave away some great prizes. Below are some highlights, but check out our demographics page for the full stats and charts.
Our audience
  • 51% are 18 to 24 years old
  • 35% are in college, 30% are college grads
  • 69% are male
  • 73% spend money on concert tickets
  • 46% spend money on MP3s
  • 30% spend $21-$40 per month on music
  • 31% spend $41+ or more
  • 61% attend 1-2 concerts every month!
  • 20% are music bloggers
  • 20% are DJs
  • 24% are musicians
For the first time we asked a series of questions to better understand how and why you use The Hype Machine. Thanks to Dave Stanton at Eikos Data for helping us interpret this data!
Cluster A (52% of total respondents)
Males who use music sites to:
1. Find new music in familiar genres
2. Find music before it’s popular
3. Find music they don’t already know
Cluster B (21% of total respondents)
Females who use music sites in the same ways as Cluster A plus:
4. Find bands recommended by word of mouth
Cluster C (27% of total respondents)
These are male and females have even, heavy reliance on the above four uses plus:
6. Want to see what people are saying about music
7. Share music
How would you describe The Hype Machine to a friend?
  • Great place to find music by artists you haven’t heard of yet
  • the most awesomest awesome music site on the Internet
  • Love in a jukebox on the internet
  • The collective consciousness of the online music world.
  • This website has psychic abilities, it knows which tracks are going to be hits before anyone else…and its easy to use.
  • The Hype Machine is the most user-friendly MP3 blog aggregator and a fantastic tool for both bloggers and fans.
  • A fine place to find new songs for an ambitious music taste.
  • A place where you’ll always find what you never knew you’d like.
  • The best thing the internet has ever seen, not counting porn.
  • Omy freak leak loop amazingness you gotsta check out this whip snippy doodle doo music site I found. It goes by the name The Hype Machine, and they have uber huge no splooge amounts of brain tuck duck muck fuckingly spec music. Check it out, if not for the sake of friendship, at the least to braingasm spasm love happiness yourself into audible epiphany!
  • Eclectic and eye opening.
  • Imagine Google Reader as a playlist. Now imagine it comes ready with all the best music blogs you don’t even know exist.
  • Way more fun than watching your itunes visualizer after snorting Columbian nose candy.
  • If you’re into music, there’s no way you can miss this.
  • HM = real time information about the music you like and will like


I found this really interesting and seemed completely appropriate. It matched exactly what I would have thought, people left great comments of the site and really brought together the whole feeling of the site and the community with in it. 
For sure I am Cluster A. 

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